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BC Wildfire Evacuees!

Call or text 250-574-3540 for free emotional stress release sessions by phone or by Skype – no charge


Welcome to ConsciouslyCaring.org.

If you have an emotional or spiritual issue to heal – such as emotional or physical trauma or abuse, stress, feeling fearful or pressured, or almost any kind of negative energy or negative emotions – it’s possible that we can help.

As a non-profit society, we offer conscious care to all who ask for help, within our available resources/people. We do this because we care about people, including you, even if we have never met. As many people cannot pay for the emotional assistance they need. ConsciouslyCaring.org was created to meet that need.

We teach ways to release the emotional/energetic/spiritual issues that are blocking you; until you are at peace. It can be difficult to deal with the energy/emotions on your own, so we provide both the teaching and facilitators to assist you. You will be supported as you transition through your issues.

If you work with us, you will become very conscious of the energy and emotions which drive your behavior and your life. You’ll learn to be with these emotions and energies with compassion and caring until they release. With time and practice, you will be able to withstand whatever emotional storms come your way and find peace within, no matter what.

This is a way of lovingly caring for yourself. By finding peace in yourself first, you can then deal with the world from that place of peace, and in doing so, offer peace to the world.